What Makes A Good Bottle Warmer and The Best Bottles For Breastfeeding

Benefits of a Bottle Warmer:

express_bottle_and_baby_food_warmerThe most important factor of bottle warmers is to keep the formula or the breast milk at a constant temperature. When milk in any form is overheated, it kills the vital nutrients that the baby needs and it can create what people call “hot spots,” which, if not monitored, can scald the baby. Firstly, parents need to know that they should NEVER heat a bottle in a microwave. Microwave convection warming will not evenly warm the milk and this causes harmful bacteria to build up and microwave oven will definitely cause hot spots. Bottle warmers eliminate any dangers of overheating. They also help parents keep the milk and/or food warm, even if they have to travel. There are simple battery operated warmers and there are electronic warmers, which can be used instantly. With bottle warmer technology, there is no more waiting to warm up the formula or breastmilk on the stove or standing at the sink with a bottle placed under running warm water. With their innovations, bottle warmers can warm the milk and they retain its temperature, unlike using any other method, which only temporarily will warm the bottle, then quickly begin cooling down, even before the baby has finished drinking. This can be frustrating, especially for those 2:00 a.m. feeding, however with a best bottle warmer, you set it and you are done.

Plastic or Glass?

Choosing whether you need a plastic bottle or a glass bottle for the baby is a personal decision. Everyone understands the benefits of glass bottles, but plastic bottles were once given a bad name. However, plastic bottles were once made with what are now banned harmful chemicals. For holding breastmilk and baby formula solutions, their advancement today, makes both materials great for storing milk products. Therefore, can bottle warmers work for both plastic and glass? The answer is yes – bottle warmers are designed to warm up the milk solution, not cook it at high temperatures. Since the jury is out, over whether a baby needs their formula or expressed breastmilk warmed, bottle warmers can help parents, just in case the room temperature or refrigerated milk is too cold.

How To Choose The Best Bottles For Breastfeeding:

Okay, to begin with, your baby is going to already have their own preference about whether they like what goes in their mouth. When the baby comes home, if you would like to use a particular brand or type of bottle, buy a couple of different types to see if the baby responds to them. If parents are going to formula feed the baby, the shape of the bottle’s nipple will help determine if the baby takes the bottle. However, the best bottles for breastfeeding mother’s may be one with wide based nipples that mimic a mother’s own breast. Bottles that are designed to resemble the latching method that babies use to suck milk from their mother’s, should also be a function that is in bottles. Some babies have a problem switching from the wide sucking function of the human breast to the narrow bottle nipple , whose flow is slower.

Talking about flow, the speed that either formula milk or breastmilk flows through the bottle nipple will vary by brand. Newborns will more than likely need a slower flow nipple, so that their gulping from a fast flow nipple is reduced to prevent any colic or spitting up. A fast flow nipple will be introduced as the baby grows. Bottles that have an air vent system, or bottles with an angled shape, are the perfect fit to prevent air from entering the baby’s stomach. Any odd shaped bottle and nipple should be used in bottle warmers that can hold or fit its unique design. As you can see, there is a lot of mention of bottle nipples, which are the key component to a baby enjoying their feeding time. Also, modern nipples are made from clear silicone that does not smell nor does it have any taste, which the baby needs. Nipples manufactured today do not carry any surface material that could cause allergies. Silicone nipples are more difficult for babies to chew holes in, thus reducing any possibility of choking.

Quality Bottle Warmer Brands:

Other brands that serve as quality breastfeeding bottles, includes: Dr. Brown; Avent; MAM; Playtex and more. Modern day baby bottles are all designed to fit into quality bottle warmers. Quality bottle warmers removes any questions about the right temperature for baby formula milk or expressed milk. They protects the bottle, warms the milk to its precise temperature and they protect the bottle nipple. A few of the quality bottles to answer the question – what makes a good bottle warmer, includes:

1. Dr. Brown: Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Deluxe Bottle Warmer not only warms bottles, but it is designed with an LCD display that will alert parents, along with an alarm system, when the bottle is warm. Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer is designed to shut off at a specific heating time and it will remain at that setting for all your bottles, until it is changed.

2. Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer: The AVENT heats bottles and other items evenly without any fear of overheating. This bottle warmer is a compact model that can fit onto any baby dresser or countertop and it can be plugged in anywhere.

3. KiindeKoziican Bottle Warmer: The KiindeKoziican will evenly thaw out breast milk or formula milk. It has a bottle warmer timer that lets parents know how much time remains before the milk is ready. When the time is up, this bottle warmer will shut off automatically and removes the heat source from the bottle.


The best bottle warmers depend on many different factors that will guide new parents into making good choices. Parents need to consider the best bottle warmer for them and the baby, if they include: sizes; equipped with a timer; heating system with a good thermostat; portability if needed; safety; durability; and extra features that will during feeding time, such a night light and an extra basket for sterilizing nipples, pacifiers, and other items. No matter what type of bottle warmer you choose and what type of features it has, it is best to think about what is more suitable for your needs, including where and how you will be using them.

Which breastfeeding clothes will help me nurse discreetly in public?

The answer to this question really depends on personal comfort. Breastfeeding clothes most often feature slits or flaps that provide nipple access for your baby with minimal personal exposure. Other nursing moms prefer to wear layers of clothes with a breastfeeding vest as the bottom layer. A do-it-yourself alternative is to use a simple t-shirt with slits cut alongside your breasts as an item of breastfeeding clothing worn under another shirt or sweater.

A nursing blanket or shawl is going to provide you with most the privacy, but also makes it obvious that you’re breastfeeding, which makes some moms uncomfortable. Baby slings are gaining in popularity as breastfeeding accessories. Breastfeeding slings are worn over the shoulder. The sling cradles your baby, and the fabric can be pulled up to cover the baby and your breasts.

What should I know about nursing bras?

Breastfeeding bras provide the additional support and access that mother’s need while nursing. Usually you’ll need to go up about one band size and one cup size when purchasing nursing bras. Once you find a nursing bra size that fits well, you should buy several of them, because you’ll go through them much faster than you would regular bras. Breastfeeding bras will get dirty quickly, and you’ll want the most sanitary conditions possible for your nursing baby.

As a general rule you should avoid nursing bras that use an underwire. If you need the extra support, make sure the underwire surrounds your breasts rather than crosses them. Underwire nursing bras that pinch under your arms can cause plugged milk ducts and potentially lead to more significant problems.

Can breastfeeding clothing help with sore nipples?

Not really, but there are materials that will help prevent sore nipples from developing. Infections develop in moist environments, so choosing a breastfeeding clothes material that permits air flow is important. You’ll also want a material that is soft and doesn’t chafe. For all those reasons, cotton breastfeeding clothes are probably your best option. If the soreness persists, consult your doctor about the best nursing techniques and treatments.

Breast Feeding Clothing Guide

If you’re a first-time mom, welcome to the world of breastfeeding clothes . You may have given little thought to nursing clothes before your pregnancy, but now that you’re home and going out in public, it’s time to figure out which breastfeeding clothes are best for you. To ease the transition, we’ve compiled the following helpful tips for our breastfeeding clothing guide.


Some women’s clothes are referred to as breastfeeding clothes because of their material or fit, but the design of true nursing clothes will typically incorporate a slit or flap for discreet nursing.

Look for breastfeeding clothes that feature reinforced side slits with sufficient overlap. You might prefer items with flaps that can be snapped opened and closed with one hand. We recommend buying one garment with each design to determine which is most comfortable for you when breastfeeding in public.


Breastfeeding clothes are going to be washed more frequently than your other clothes, so choose fabrics that are durable. Fabrics that are loose and breathable will also be more comfortable for you. On the stains front, dark clothes are more presentable when dirty than white or pale colors. In general, we think washable cotton breastfeeding clothes will be your best choice, though there are synthetic fabrics that will hold up well to repeat washing.

Wardrobe Basics

Every nursing mom’s wardrobe should include a few breastfeeding bras, sleeping bras, nursing tops, and breastfeeding t-shirts. The rest is dependent on where you live and how you spend most of your time. If it’s summer and you like to sit out by the pool, breastfeeding swimwear will be essential. Nursing loungewear or breastfeeding dresses will help you juggle the competing tasks of mom and socialite.

Finally, when it comes to sizing, don’t buy two sizes too big to be safe, or try to fit into the same size you were before pregnancy. Your body will take time to recover, and breastfeeding clothes that fit the size you are today will look the best on you today.

Breastfeeding and Oral Health – Advocating Breastfeeding

Last weekend, we visited a pediatric dentist to seek second opinion about Alex’s teeth. I breastfed her for 3 years. I think it was on the second year when we started to notice the discoloration of her front teeth. We were prescribed with a tooth mousse (fluoride paste) by the first dentist who saw her. This dentist is located in the mall near us. We were not able to religiously use that tooth mousse as she fed round the clock and it needs to stay in the tooth for about 2 hours to effect. But miraculously, the stains went away. So what did the dentist checked last weekend? Her molars, almost all, are badly impacted. These teeth should stay there until a child is about 10 or 11, as that is the only time the permanent teeth will come out. Yes, too much lilies and candies is the culprit.

Since we were already there and the dentist was so nice, we took the chance to have Maxyn’s teeth checked also. She also have front teeth discoloration but the dentist who saw us a few months ago said her teeth are still sound. She was not cleaned that time because she was fuzzy and the dentist was afraid that forcing her might cause trauma. This time, cleaning was done and fluoride varnish was applied. Sad to say, she already has 4 damaged teeth. The good side is that they are still small and pasta can be done to protect the teeth from further damage.

I was advised for the nth time to give water to Maxyn after breastfeeding. But how do I do that when she is back to sleep after each feeding? How would I wipe her teeth with wet towel to remove milk residues without waking her up? If I do these things and she wakes up, she will ask for milk again so she can go back to sleep, the cleaning will be pointless.

I failed in taking care of Alex’s teeth and this time, I want to succeed with Maxyn’s. I seriously need help on this. Got any tip?

Cabbage leaves for engorged breasts

I sometimes get funny looks and quizzical faces when people ask me about cabbage leaves on breasts to help with breastfeeding. It seems the word is out there about cabbage leaves helping with breast comfort when breastfeeding but how and what to do is still a mystery for many.

Cabbage leaves can be soothing when used for engorged breasts with breast feeding. The idea apparently came about many years ago, when it was noticed that cows with engorged udders would walk in cabbage fields and it appeared to help relieve the engorgement.

At some point, someone had the bright idea of using them on women also for the same reason. It is individual as to the help it gives each woman. I have come across some who swear by them and others who say it didn’t make much difference. There are others who just can’t get passed the idea of putting cabbage leaves inside their bra to help relieve engorgement.

As with many remedies and practices, it is individual as to what may work for you. The alternative is to use ice packs.

There are 2 important things to know when using cabbage leaves for engorgement . The first is to leave them in place only while they are cold. Once the cold is gone which is commonly only after about 5 minutes, you need to take them out and put new ones in. If you leave them there they may have the opposite effect, warming up breasts and encouraging more production rather than the opposite.

The second thing is that they work best if you use them straight after you drain your breasts really well. If your breasts are full they may have a little effect, but not as much as straight after a feed or expressing.

Looking for nursing gowns?

Nursing gowns are an absolute necessity for nursing mothers out there. These gowns will offer ease and convenience which makes them a popular choice for breastfeeding mothers. With these gowns, nursing your baby will be a lot easier. This is because it comes with hidden slits in them which will allow mothers to present their breast while staying covered. Their babies will have access to their milk supply and mothers can feel comfortable that they’re not completely exposed.

When buying nursing gowns, look for some qualities in order for you to make the best decision. Make sure that the gown/s will fit you well. You will find these gowns in the maternity clothes section of department stores as well as other stores. It is very important that you make sure that the gown will fit you well especially around the top and torso. This is because you will be spending a lot of time in it especially during the first few months of your baby when the baby usually feeds a lot.

Another thing is you have to make sure that the nursing gown will provide you with adequate coverage. There are many nursing gowns that are attractive enough to lounge around in and new parents often have to entertain guests who stop by to see the newest addition to the family. Of course, you would want your nursing garments to have adequate coverage so that if you nurse with company present, nothing is exposed and you will feel more comfortable.

Make sure as well that the gown will provide you comfort. This is because you will take part in many nighttime feedings and you want yourself and your baby to be comfortable during nursing sessions. Your gown should be soft to touch so that it doesn’t irritate the baby’s soft skin and it should feel cozy and comfortable to you. Jersey knit and soft cottons are fabrics that you should go for.

Pad storage is very important as well as there are nursing gowns that are designed to hold nursing pads in place and if you find one of these, this will allow you to sleep without having to wear a bra which some women find very uncomfortable. Breast pads are often a necessary so finding a gown that accommodates them is always an added bonus.

Motherhood Maternity Aimee Nursing gowns

Now, you get to nurse in style with these nursing gowns and you never have to feel uncomfortable anymore and you can easily breastfeed your baby anytime of the day especially during the night.

Beautifully Breastfeeding

I am not sure where I am going with this, most likely somewhere in the vicinity of young women. My tween daughter, who breastfed for years and at one time was proud of that fact, is now absolutely appalled and ashamed of her breastfeeding siblings . She witnesses my nursing bras, tank tops and bare breasts far more than most teenagers have to because our daily life includes lots of breastfeeding. Most of the time, we carry on with my breasts out and no conflict. It is so common place, she sees past it.

baby breastfeeding

The shame and embarrassment surface when we add other people into our breastfeeding lives.

I completely understand why she would feel this way. When her friends are over, I try to respect the situation, but I also feel like it should be normalized for them as well. I have breastfed in front of many of her friends, usually discreetly. I have witnessed most of these same friends go through puberty and develop their own breasts. I have even conversed with one of them about how uncomfortable I was making her. Young women would benefit greatly from breastfeeding education woven into their puberty programs and sex education as normal curriculum. It doesn’t make sense to me that women never see a breastfeeding child until they try to bumble through their first latch attempts themselves. I try to balance her need for family discretion in front of friends with real life and hungry babies. Most of them know that to enter my house probably means viewing a babe at the breast.

Public breastfeeding with her around. Same idea. She can’t stand for me to feed them when we are out together, but I can’t stand to starve my baby in order to avoid ridicule. I know that she reacts the same way to my lack of style, my poorly applied eyeliner and my unkempt hair. I just hope that this is the teen phase where they are disgusted with everything their parents do, and that one day, the decision to breastfeed her own babies wasn’t even a decision because it was so ingrained in her psyche as a woman. Who knows, maybe some of her poor friends who have fell victim to my nursing antics will as well.

Jericho’s Birth Day with new big Sister Ruby

My husband maintains that his daughter didn’t like him until she was at least 2 years old. I am sure this is not true, but I can imagine this stemmed from the fact that she has clung on to my breasts for dear life since her birth in 2010. She happened to only appreciate my comfort and care for at least the first year, maybe even 18 months and then when baby brother came on the scene just after she turned 2, we had to bring in reinforcements aka DAD!

She has learned that daddy can put her to sleep too. I have learned not to criticize his sometimes unorthodox ways of doing it. I have no room to talk when I have built in soothers but I desperately need someone else to do the soothing. Ruby has shifted to sometimes allowing daddy to do bedtime. No we don’t have strict routines, bed times or any of the other junk many of you are thinking that if I only had, these problems wouldn’t exist. This blog isn’t about that at all anyway. It is about how much I treasure my husband even though his bedtime routine consists of letting her watch Scooby Doo on his cell phone till she passes out. Sometimes, they even build a viewing nook in a corner with pillows to do this. I am so glad that she is learning that daddy is special and loving, just like mommy.

As I am typing, he is holding her in a cradle position in bed, patting her and shushing her to sleep. He is probably snoring too, but she is learning that daddies love in a different way. It might include pillow forts and night time cartoons, but it is just as meaningful and everlasting as what mothers express to their children while nursing.

My son has learned that dad’s shoulder is an awesome place to fall asleep if his belly is full and his sister is in the way. My husband likes to hold him for a while after he nods off. They are so cute together, and hopefully, my husband knows that his little boy loves him, boobs or not.